How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform that allows professionals to connect and engage with individuals across various industries. In this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to easily find out who follows you on LinkedIn. By understanding who is following your profile, you can gain valuable insights into your network and maximize the potential for professional connections and collaborations. Discover the simple yet effective methods to navigate through LinkedIn and uncover the individuals who are interested in your professional journey.

How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking platform that allows individuals to connect with colleagues, industry experts, and potential employers. One feature that many users are eager to explore is the ability to see who is following them on the platform. This article will guide you through various methods to easily identify your followers on LinkedIn, including using the LinkedIn mobile app, the LinkedIn website, third-party tools, and LinkedIn Premium features. Additionally, we will discuss privacy considerations, provide tips and tricks, compare followers and connections, offer guidance on managing your followers, and share strategies for building a strong LinkedIn network.

How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

Method 1: Using the LinkedIn mobile app

To see who follows you on LinkedIn using the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the LinkedIn mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Log in to your LinkedIn account if you haven’t already.
  3. Tap on your profile picture or the profile icon at the top left corner of the app.
  4. Scroll down to the “Followers” section on your profile page.
  5. Here, you will see a list of users who are currently following you on LinkedIn.
  6. You can tap on any follower to view their profile, engage with their content, or even choose to follow them back if you wish.

By using the LinkedIn mobile app, you can conveniently access your follower list while on the go, enabling you to stay connected with professionals who are interested in your content or career updates.

Method 2: Using the LinkedIn website

If you prefer using the LinkedIn website on your desktop or laptop, here’s how you can find your followers:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to
  2. Sign in to your LinkedIn account.
  3. Click on “Me” at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
  4. Select “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Scroll down the page until you reach the “Accomplishments” section.
  6. Within the “Accomplishments” section, click on the “Followers” tab.
  7. You will be presented with a list of individuals who follow your LinkedIn profile.
  8. Click on any follower’s name to explore their profile, engage with their content, or reciprocate the follow.

Using the LinkedIn website provides you with a comprehensive view of your followers, allowing you to better understand your audience and engage with them effectively.

How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

Method 3: Using third-party tools

While LinkedIn’s built-in features are reliable, some third-party tools offer additional functionality and insights into your LinkedIn followers. These tools can provide detailed analytics, such as demographics and engagement metrics, to help you gain a deeper understanding of your follower base. Here are a few popular third-party tools that can assist you in finding information about your LinkedIn followers:

  1. Crystal: Crystal is a tool that utilizes AI technology to analyze LinkedIn profiles and provide personality insights. By using Crystal, you can understand your followers’ behavioral patterns, communication styles, and preferred methods of engagement.
  2. Dux-Soup: Dux-Soup is a browser extension that automates LinkedIn prospecting. While its primary purpose is lead generation, it can also help you identify and organize your LinkedIn followers more efficiently.
  3. Sales Navigator: Sales Navigator is a feature-rich tool within LinkedIn’s suite of offerings. It is designed for professionals who rely heavily on networking and sales activities. Sales Navigator offers advanced search filters and analytics to help you get a comprehensive view of your followers and potential connections.

Remember to research and review the terms of service and privacy policies of any third-party tool before utilizing them to ensure they align with your preferences and LinkedIn’s guidelines.

Method 4: Utilizing LinkedIn Premium features

LinkedIn Premium offers elevated features and insights that can be useful in identifying your followers and gaining a deeper understanding of your network. With LinkedIn Premium, you can access:

  1. Who’s Viewed Your Profile: This feature provides you with a list of individuals who have recently viewed your LinkedIn profile, including both followers and non-followers. By analyzing this information, you can identify new individuals who may be interested in your content or professional background.
  2. Premium Insights: LinkedIn Premium offers enhanced analytics, including demographics, industries, and job functions of your followers. This valuable data can help you tailor your content and engagement strategies to better resonate with your target audience.

Investing in LinkedIn Premium can be a worthwhile consideration if you want to maximize your visibility and gain valuable insights into your follower base.

How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

Privacy considerations

While it’s exciting to see who follows you on LinkedIn, it’s also essential to consider privacy concerns. LinkedIn provides options to control the visibility of your connections and followers. You can choose to make your followers list public, visible to your connections only, or opt for complete privacy.

To manage your followers’ visibility settings, follow these steps:

  1. Access your LinkedIn profile on either the mobile app or the website.
  2. Click on “Me” or your profile picture at the top of the page.
  3. Choose “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu.
  4. In the “Visibility” section, click on “Edit your public profile.”
  5. Scroll down to the “Followers” section and adjust the visibility settings according to your preferences.
  6. Save your changes to apply the new settings.

By controlling the visibility of your followers, you can strike a balance between showcasing your professional network and ensuring your privacy on the platform.

Additional tips and tricks

  • Invite your connections: Actively invite connections to follow you on LinkedIn by utilizing the “Connect” button on their profile. This can help increase your follower count and expand your network.
  • Engage with your followers: Building a thriving LinkedIn network goes beyond just knowing who follows you. Regularly engage with your followers by commenting on their posts, sharing valuable content, and responding to their messages. Foster meaningful relationships and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Utilize hashtags: Incorporate relevant hashtags into your LinkedIn posts to increase visibility and attract followers who are interested in specific topics. This can help you reach a wider audience and gain more followers organically.
  • Network offline: Attend relevant industry events, conferences, and networking gatherings to meet professionals face-to-face. Building real-world connections can translate into more followers on LinkedIn, as people often prefer to connect and engage with individuals they have met in person.

How to see who follows you on LinkedIn

Comparing followers and connections

It’s important to understand the distinction between followers and connections on LinkedIn. While followers can see your public content, connections are individuals with whom you have established a mutual professional relationship. In other words, followers don’t necessarily have a direct connection with you, but they are interested in your updates and content.

By evaluating both your followers and connections, you can discern the overlap and identify potential areas of growth in your LinkedIn network. Strive to strike a balance between meaningful connections and a robust follower base to establish a well-rounded professional presence on the platform.

Managing your followers on LinkedIn

In some instances, you may encounter followers who are not aligned with your professional goals or values. LinkedIn provides a range of options to manage your followers effectively. Here are a few actions you can take:

  1. Remove followers: If you come across a follower who you no longer wish to be associated with, you have the option to remove them from your follower list. This action does not notify the follower, but it restricts their access to your public updates.
  2. Block followers: If you encounter a follower who engages in inappropriate or harassing behavior, you can block them. Blocking a follower prevents them from viewing your profile, content, and engaging with you further.
  3. Report abuse: LinkedIn takes user safety and privacy seriously. If you experience any form of abuse or violation of LinkedIn’s terms of service, you can report the incident to LinkedIn for review and appropriate action.

By actively managing your followers, you can maintain a positive experience on the platform and cultivate a professional network that aligns with your career goals.

Building a strong LinkedIn network

While identifying your followers is essential, it’s equally important to actively work towards building a strong LinkedIn network. Here are a few strategies to consider:

  1. Optimize your profile: Create a comprehensive and engaging LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills, experiences, and expertise. Use professional photos, compelling headlines, and a well-written summary to attract followers and connections.
  2. Engage with your industry: Join LinkedIn groups and participate in industry discussions to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional. By engaging with like-minded individuals in your field, you can attract followers who share similar interests.
  3. Curate and share valuable content: Share industry insights, articles, case studies, or original content that adds value to your network. Quality content establishes your credibility and encourages followers to engage with you.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn Pulse: Publish articles on LinkedIn’s content platform, Pulse, to showcase your expertise and expand your reach. LinkedIn Pulse articles have the potential to go viral within the platform, attracting new followers and connections.
  5. Leverage recommendations: Request recommendations from current and former colleagues, supervisors, or clients. Positive recommendations not only improve your credibility but also attract followers who value the endorsements of others.

Consistently implementing these strategies can help you build an influential and engaged LinkedIn network that opens up professional opportunities and enhances your career prospects.


Understanding who follows you on LinkedIn is a crucial element of leveraging the platform effectively. By utilizing the LinkedIn mobile app or website, exploring third-party tools, or leveraging LinkedIn Premium features, you can easily identify your followers and gain valuable insights into your network. Remember to consider privacy settings, actively manage your followers, and focus on building a strong LinkedIn network. With these strategies in place, you can maximize your professional presence on LinkedIn, connect with like-minded individuals, and unlock exciting opportunities in your career.